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 The heart of thes system SCADA consists of components SCADA Server (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and HMI(Human Machine Interface).
The SCADA node server handles the basic dynamics of process calculations, logical data-based alarms.
The node acts as a client HMI SCADA element against which requests the data necessary to update the information displayed on video pages operator.
Also, alarm management is based on the client side interrogation (HMI) of the current situation of the alarms, managed and kept updated by the SCADA node.
For packages and WEB HMI HMI entrusted with the sole function of managing the human-machine interaction.
The main features are made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable from the HMI:
• Acquisition or data transmission from remote acquisition stations or from other systems on the network field.
• Creating a dynamic database system (DBS), which contains the updated image in real-time data acquired from the system and those calculated from the SCADA node.
• Managing Access to databases orderly and controlled system dynamics.
• Implementation of local logic on data acquired.
• Management and Recognition alarms by operators and data base alarms with the possibility of defining areas of responsibility.
• Detect, scan and print alarms.
• Phone call or send SMS / e-mail to external operators.
• Management and control of plant organs.
• Print the journal, report, trend.
• Interface to query external systems, network or serial lines, the dynamic database.

 Connection with other systems of hierarchical superior level.
In the case in which the remote control center must communicate with other systems of higher hierarchical level or joint, it is possible to use the modules for interconnection of modules existing SCADA such as the application server IEC 60870-5-101/104, OPC server or Server MODBUS RTU / TCP.