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The field data acquisition and management of protocols is delegated to the component I/O Server, it provides the management functions of the direct lines of communication and the various protocols to the acquisition and control peripheral devices.

The connections between I/O module Server and the field devices can be arranged to operate in a redundant, in this case uses two parallel CONNECTIONS the second of which is engaged in the case of connectivity absent (a fault) of the first.
Can be used simultaneously more I/O Server also on the same PC, realizing CONNECTIONS with field devices on different types of transmission media and protocols.

The modular structure of the component I/O Server enables the rapid deployment of specific protocols are not yet available.
Main functions from I/O Server.
Acquisition or send data from / to station acquisition and regulation in connection continues.
Acquisition or send data from / to remote stations in the connection request.
Management of the modem and its lines of communication of such dedicated or switched.
Management and / or capture historical data on the remote station with a switched connection.
Presentation of data acquired from stations local / remote interface independent of the topology and protocols operated lines.
Standardization and conversion of data from different devices.
The versatility of the instrument I/O Server allows you to configure remote networks using PSTN phone lines, GSM, ISDN, GPRS, dedicated phone lines on fiber optical cable or copper.