Cookie Policy

RPM Engineering, through its website, uses cookies in order to make the browsing experience as close as possible to the wishes and needs of the Users, as well as to make the web content consulted by them more usable. It is thanks to cookies that it is possible to ensure easier navigation and greater ease and intuitiveness of use of the Site. 

In fact, cookies are small text files, containing a "packet of information", which the Site sends to the User's terminal (usually on the browser), where they are stored, to then be re-transmitted to the same Site, in the same session or in subsequent visits by the same User. Generally, cookies assign a unique number to the User; however, this number is meaningless outside the Site on which it was assigned. 

Cookies can be stored only for the time of use of a specific site (i.e. session cookies) or for a longer period of time independent of the session (i.e. persistent cookies). 

Usually cookies allow the owner of the site to establish which sectors and contents are most visited or viewed on the Site, in order to adapt them to the wishes of the Users and at the same time to improve the services offered also, but not limited to a communication tailored to the Users and their related interests. 

The types of cookies used by the Site are: 

  • a. Cookies necessary and functional for navigation; 
  • b. Third parties cookies 


Cookies necessary for navigation: 

They are cookies that are essential for the correct operation and visibility of the Site, allowing you to browse using the essential functions. 

These cookies do not collect information about Users which could be used for marketing purposes. 

The necessary cookies are used, inter alia, to: (i) remember User data on the various pages during a browser session; (ii) view the contents in the chosen language at each access, recognizing from which country the User is connecting (and remembering this setting in future accesses).


Functional navigation cookies: 

They are cookies that allow the site owner to make the use of the site significantly easier for the user. 

They allow to identify the Users who have logged in to the Site, avoiding the new data entry at each new browsing session. 

These cookies aim to facilitate and speed up their use.



Utilized cookie: 

What does it do? 

How long does the cookie remain saved in your device? 

Analytics / Tracking 

Provides anonymous / aggregated information on where you go and what you do on our sites and other websites. 

Third parties 


Social Media / sharing (sharing) 

They allow you to share comments / ratings / pages / bookmarks and help you simplify access to social networks and social tools on the internet. 

Third parties 

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